The priority of the fund was established from the very beginning – create new models that not only perceive the crisis, but also allow States and companies to make optimal decisions in its development.

The Fund has been operating intensively for five years with steady increasing activity.

We have achieved much over the years. Books were published – “Stairway to Heaven”, “Black Swan of Global Crisis”, “Reminiscences about the Future” – describing the crisis. We have also developed models that allow us to make accurate forecasts, which we partially disclose in our reports, we are actively working on new models, refining them for new facilities, exploring possible ways of developing the world economy.

Every year the world around us changes more and more, with it the Fund changes, and its programs, we open up new and interesting opportunities for you.
Today we offer a program to develop a system model for the economies of countries and regions, as well as large businesses, in particular to optimize costs in times of crisis.

On the basis of “Stairway to Heaven” launched a unique program of training of management leaders – this is extremely relevant in the situation when in most countries of the world mass changes in the composition of political and management elites are coming.

In 2020, we significantly expanded our economic education activities. Given the peculiarity of the situation, it was held online, which caused great interest.

We see that our products are popular not only in Russia, but also in English-speaking countries and Asia. For me, as the President of the Foundation, it’s very pleasant.

My expectation is that the Fund’s activities will help to change attitudes to economic policy both in Russia and in the world.
I would like to remind you that today Russia is the only country in the world with alternative schools to liberal economic schools.

Based on these schools, our Foundation has developed crisis theory to provide long- and medium-term forecasts in the face of high uncertainty.

I wish you new joint victories with Mikhail Khazin Foundation for Economic Research!

Yours faithfully, Mikhail Khazin