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The Mikhail Khazin Foundation for Economic Research is one of the few private foundationsthat explores economics in modern Russia. The foundation was founded in early 2015 byMikhail Khazin to implement large-scale projects to develop new system mathematicalmodels that describe the world economy.

Dear Friends!

I’ve been working in economics for over 30 years – it’s an important part of my life.

Since 1998, I have been researching crisis processes in the modern economy and providingeconomic consulting services, and before that, I was engaged in economic statistics andgovernment economic management. By 2015, I realized that continued work, developmentand refinement of meaningful economic models needed external funding. And in 2015, Icreated the Fund to significantly increase the pace and quality of work. By developing ourfund, we have also improved the external environment, broadening the scope of cooperationwith regions, companies and entrepreneurs. We are proposing new approaches andmechanisms to implement economic programs that are in line with our understanding of thenature of the current economic crisis.

It was thanks to the work of the Foundation that I was able to write the book “Reminiscencesabout the Future. Ideas of a New Economy”, which summarizes the work of several decades,in which the modern world economy is described systematically and within the framework ofa common methodological approach.

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Dear readers, friends, well-wishers and, of course, critics!

Our research is financed by charitable donations from organizations and individuals, and wereceive grants and funds from the joint execution of projects and works on orders. We baseourselves on the principle of establishing mutually beneficial, open and transparentcooperation with potential donors and partners. Our main arguments for partnershipdevelopment are the high professionalism and productivity of the Foundation’s team ofspecialists.

«If you find our project useful, please support us.»

Yours faithfully, Mikhail Khazin

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